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veg*ns in WNY
we love food, yes we do!
Hi guys, I'm visiting Buffalo, Lackawanna, and the falls next… 
7th-Feb-2006 09:25 am
Hi guys,
I'm visiting Buffalo, Lackawanna, and the falls next weekend, and was hoping to get some restaurant recommendations from locals. Any favorite vegan places downtown to suggest for a nice and worry-free dinner? Or anywhere in the greater area (we're driving in from the east)? Breakfast places? I saw references to Amy's Place and Taste Good Chinese when I googled, but figured there might be lesser-known great places. Thanks so much for your help!
7th-Feb-2006 03:09 pm (UTC)
Amy's Place is _THE_ place to go. It's incredible. Great food, people, atmosphere, art... its great.

The towne restaurant is also another place. It's on elmwood and Allen street in buffalo. It's 24/7. Amy's closes at 9 every day.

7th-Feb-2006 03:26 pm (UTC)
Terrific -- thank you! I'll be sure to check out Amy's.
7th-Feb-2006 03:30 pm (UTC)
Sahara Grill! It's on Elmwood Ave on the corner of Bidwell. They have amaaaazing falafal + fries (only 5 bucks). The fatoosh salad is amazing too, and the vegetarian ghallaba (zesty style) is fantastic. Just don't eat the little crunchy things they set on the table- they've got some sort of cheese on them. I eat there twice a week if I can. Kubz Thawa is also amazing (pressed flat bread). Get it with garlic sauce (looks non-vegan, but it's just whipped tahini with garlic). MMMM.

Amy's Place is sketchy. They used to advertise a few things as being vegan, and a friend of mine who worked there later informed me that there's a "small" amount of parmesean in the eggplant's breading (which is part of a veggie burger). The Cait's Plate is really good though.

The Spot is a coffee place, but they have delish hummus wraps, that are well worth the six bucks. Globe Market is right across the street too, which also has veggie wrap type stuff.

Zebbs has a location in Orchard Park and on Niagara Falls blvd, humungous veggie burgers, access to the "fixin's" bar (where you can steal atleast 1000 slices of pickles), and it's pretty cheap.

Betty's (on Virginia) has scrambled tofu, and some spicy weird looking veggie burger with fried plantains. That, or Amy's is the place for breakfast. Amy's place has 99cent breakfast with is homefries, toast and eggs, but you can double the homefries, get rid of the eggs, and get the toast with no buttah. They have soymilk too, if you want coffee/tea.

If you're going through Rochester, stop at Mings II which has hands down the best Chinese food between here and NYC. Get Shanghai Noodles w/ vegetables and Sesame Tofu. It's fantastic, but all their noodle dishes (except those that are clearly labeled "egg", are vegan). Two Paisons is a pizza place that just got an ass load of vegan options, including a Buffalo Tofu sandwich (mm), vegan cheesesteaks, Vegan garbage plates (it's a rochester thing, but its mac salad, fries and veggie burgers, all mixed together), and like 5 or 6 vegan pizza options (including vegan cheese). India Gate is right across the street from that, if you're in the mood to shit your brains out on the way to Buffalo.

I have a huge spread sheet of all the places in Buffalo that have vegan options, but I'm not on my home computer right now! That's the most of it. Taste Good is also really good, but you already heard about that. Sesame "chicken" is to die for. Get it with no peppers though, they taste like garbage.
7th-Feb-2006 03:39 pm (UTC)
Thank you SO much for typing all this up! I feel armed to make lots of great eating decisions now. And it makes the trip finally seem exciting. Falafal + fries is definitely my comfort food. ;-) Thanks again!
7th-Feb-2006 03:44 pm (UTC)
Good choice. Sahara Grill is seriously my heaven.
9th-Feb-2006 12:23 am (UTC)
more than sahara grill, i love falafel bar which is located just down the street on elmwood a bit past bidwell heading away from downtown. they have tons of vegan stuff and vegan soups and the chef/owner is very vegan-knowledgeable.

cafe 59 is on allen by franklin. they have vegan scones which are incredible and also feature vegan soup and sandwiches. also very vegan friendly and knowledgeable.

taste good on elmwood supplied my dinner tonite. tehy're just amazing. its awesome to order sesame chicken or orange chicken or beef- and have it be vegetarian. they have a vegetarian handwritte menu behind the counter on the wall.

saigon cafe is great too. they feature thai/vietnamese cousine. they're a more sit-down place and are located on elmwood by forest. so tasty and healthy!!!

solid grounds on elmwood and bryant has tasty granola and oatmeal, accordng to my roommate. it's advertsed as a "food gallery"..

also there's pano's on elmwood, pretty close to saigon cafe (near forest). they have a vegetarian section on their menu. sit-down and pretty crowded.

you should go to india gate. also on elmwood, near forest i believe. so much vegan goodness, so little time. also sit-down.

hope you have a good weekend in buffalo!!

p.s. there is a cooperative market on elmwood by auburn (near spot coffee and blockbuster) that features vegan items as well.

it's funny- there are a lot of people who complain that buffalo doesn't offer many options, but when i really sat down and wrote about it, i once again realized just how much we *do* have to offer. :) and i'm sure my list isn't complete either... :) have a great trip!
9th-Feb-2006 02:38 am (UTC)
I'm so grateful that you took the time to write all this out! Thank you! I was sort of dreading the trip because I was worried about traveling hungry and not having options. I'm really glad I thought to ask for help, though -- so much useful information and terrific recommendations. I'm confident the trip will at least be tasty. ;-)
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