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veg*ns in WNY
we love food, yes we do!
tim hortons gripe, copied from my LJ 
28th-Mar-2006 10:13 pm
2007 elmwood concert series
dude, i hate that commercial from tim horton's. it's the one where this guy goes to pick up the paper or something and these roosters start chasing him. two very fit girls are jogging together and they can't cross a bridge because there are a ton of roosters there. in the end, everyone is chased by roosters to tim horton's, to have the new egg/sausage/cheese sandwich on an english muffin for $2 something. i hate this commercial and think it's stupid.

ok, so here's my thinking:
a.) roosters do chickens. as in have sex with them.
b.) chickens lay eggs and make more chickens.
c.) we steal the eggs and fry them up and serve them on english muffins with more dead animal (or combination of a bunch of gross parts of dead animals ground into snausage) with cow pus cheese.

why would roosters chase humans into tim hortons so that the humans could consume large quantities of fried dead birds? it's just gross for me.

i felt the same way when that movie "chicken run" came out. burger king had this campaign where they were like, "save the chickens! eat beef!" or something.

i feel like the use of birds as a wake-up call that i need to eat dead baby birds is gross. i hate that commercial so much. the thing is, obviously somebody (or a team of somebodies) worked long and hard on that commercial idea and people thought it would work. why would they not think it might be offensive? or is it that they don't care? maybe the average american doesn't see the connection, and they might find me a bit too sensitive. but isn't there a need for greater recognition of what people are eating?

grrrr... it just really grosses me out. what do ya'll think?
29th-Mar-2006 05:34 am (UTC)
I'm glad I don't watch television. o_____o
29th-Mar-2006 03:11 pm (UTC)
sometimes i think it's interesting to see what the "other half"- or perhaps better said- "other 95%" of the population is doing- and what themes are being forced into them via television, radio, and other advertising. it's just weird, though, when you realize that there are tons of ppl who don't stop and think how awful a lot of images are. they just sit back and let them seep in...

29th-Mar-2006 03:24 pm (UTC)
I totally agree! It doesn't make any sense!!!

(I'm assuming you're vegan too?)
29th-Mar-2006 07:18 pm (UTC)
yes'm. since august. :) woo! prior to that, i was vegetarian since like 2000/2001, with a brief stint as a ridiculous "pescatarian" when i did this thing called body-for-life which tried to make me eat ridiculous amounts of protein. i was @ vegfest in syracuse with my roommate (vegan since forever, but he had gotten to be a very lax vegan. the kid eats desserts like they're goin outta style.) i saw the wegmans egg video, and it made me go vegan that day. i realized that vegetarian was good, but vegan was so much better. in one simple (but committed) decision, i could drastically decrease the amount of suffering related to my well-being. i had always known that vegan was better, but i never used to think that i could commit to it. the cool thing is, i feel like i've made my roommate a more conscious vegan again. yes, he still splurges when he wants to, but in general, i think he's been more aware of the impact we're making.

i've enjoyed your posts on food as well. you have a good culinary imagination. :) take care.
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