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veg*ns in WNY
we love food, yes we do!
Vegan tattoo help (posted elsewhere, still need advice) 
7th-Sep-2006 12:36 pm
So I've finally decided to get a tattoo..

Now to find a place that:
a. Does a good job at a good price.
b. Uses vegan ink.
c. Is clean & won't give me the Aids.

Suggestions appreciated.

Anyone know if any of that applies to American Skin Art (is it even still called that?) on Webster in Tonawanda?

Oh - also, I have no clue what the deal is re: cost/tipping. I'm getting a small tattoo on my wrist. Price/tipping guess-timates would be awesome as well.


(Side note - If you go to Buff State & are awesome or even remotely awesome, let's be friends! - I get lonely on campus with strangers everywhere.)
7th-Sep-2006 07:47 pm (UTC)
I don't know about vegan ink...sorry.
But I do know that it depends on the artist and the amount of time it takes for the price of the tattoo.
I got one done on my back in Canada and I tipped twenty for about an hour's worth of work. I don't know how much I SHOULD have tipped, but that seemed appropriate.

Hm. My best friend, Brynn Snyder goes to Buff. State. She's pretty cool and artsy. Maybe you'll meet her one day.
I also know Christina Laing and Jamie Schaffer. Tonawanda folks.

I hope I kind of helped!
7th-Sep-2006 08:08 pm (UTC)
I go to buff state and will be your friend, heh. I know Halo Tattoo in Syracuse uses vegan ink and everyone there is awesome, dunno about Buffalo though.
7th-Sep-2006 11:55 pm (UTC)
Erick (my guy) uses vegan ink (some colors are not available vegan, but if you're using common colors; reds, blacks, etc there's no problem). He used to be at HOD on Elmwood, but just opened his own (Rise Above) on Deleware. The shop is a-fucking-mazing and clean as a whistle.

He is vegan, amazing, and the nicest boy in the world. He accepts and loves (vegan) baked goods as a tip. When I didn't pay him in half-moon cookies and pies, I usually did $20/hourly as his tip.

Trust me--he is the way to go. He literally just opened his shop (he was at HOD for like 6 years or something) and doesn't have the website up yet. Pictures of his shop are on the shop's myspace located here, and his portfolio is still up on the HOD website located here.

I can't say anything bad about him, except for that he is in love with Kelly Clarkson.
7th-Sep-2006 11:55 pm (UTC)
Sorry, I spelled his name Erick first, but it's Erich.
8th-Sep-2006 04:26 am (UTC)
I realized a bit ago that I should have just asked you to begin with: you = vegan, have tattoos, live(d) in Buffalo. Sheesh. Sometimes I'm not too smart.

I'll almost definitely go to this guy.. Do you need an appointment or do you just walk in (yeah, I'm new to this..)? Any idea what a small (green & black) tattoo on my wrist will run? Any other things I should know?

8th-Sep-2006 06:05 pm (UTC)
Ahahaha, yeah. Silly you.

I would say make an appointment with him. He is always really busy this time of year, but depending on how quick your tattoo will be, he could probably get you in fairly soon. He will most likely do a consultation with you (it's free) and discuss it, draw it up, yadda yadda. Then you can make the actual appointment. Tell him that Amy (Richardson) sent you. He's the best ever.

He charges $120/hourly, so my guess is yours will be between $80-$100 depending on how little you're talking--maybe even less, although I think the minimum is $60 (for ink and needles).

Be prepared to hear stories about his girlfriend pooping while eating her dinner. On the toilet. Good stuff.

716-816-9483 is his number. Good luck!
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